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AGM AG6K(MCU) SoC is targeted to high-volume, cost-sensitive, applications, enabling system designers to meet increasing performance requirements while lowering costs. It is based on AGM PSoC architecture. This device integrate one MCU core, AGM programmable logic, 12-bit ADC, 64Mbits SDRAM and 12Mbits SPI NOR FLASH in single device.


MCU Architecture:
• One-core MCU: Working frequency up to 250 MHz
• On-Chip Memory: 128Kbytes SRAM
• I/O Interfaces:
    • External AHB Slave Interface
    • On-Chip Memory Access Ports 
    • UART Interface
    • GPIOs
    • JTAG Debug Ports
    • SPI Flash Interface
• Interconnect:  AMBA® AHB compatible based

• 16bits datawidth
• 64Mbits capability
• up to 166MHz working frequency

SPI Flash:
• 12Mbits capability

Analog-to-Digital Converters(ADC):
• 12bits accuracy
• 1MHz sampling frequency
• On-chip temperature sensing
• Up to 10 channels (include internal temperature sensor channel)

FPGA Architecture:
• High-density architecture with 6K LEs
• M9K embedded memory blocks, up to 504 Kbits of RAM space
• Up to 56 18 x 18-bit embedded multipliers are each configurable as two independent 9 x 9-bit multipliers 
• Provides 4 PLLs per device provide clock multiplication and phase shifting
• High-speed differential I/O standard support, including LVDS, RSDS, mini-LVDS, LVPECL
• Support DDR, DDR2
• Single-ended I/O standard support, including 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, and 1.5V LVCMOS and LVTTL
• Flexible device configuration mode: JTAG and AS, PS
• Support remote update, by "dual-boot" like implementation


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